Welcome Message from Chair        Joel L. Sachs

Welcome to the Department of Evolution Ecology & Organismal Biology (EEOB) at the University of California, Riverside!

The EEOB department is responsible for instruction of the Biology major -- consistently among the largest majors on campus. We teach classes ranging from molecular and cellular biology, to ecology, evolution, and physiology of living organisms.




What is EEOB?

Our department conducts research, teaching, and service in many areas of the life sciences, including animal behavior, behavioral endocrinology, biomechanics, cell biology, conservation biology, ecology, ecomorphology, evolution, genetics, physiology, population biology, systematics, and theoretical ecology.  Our graduate program is also named EEOB and offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees, with an emphasis on the latter.  We are also part of the Evolutionary Biology Joint-Doctoral Program with San Diego State University.  In addition, our faculty and graduate students are affiliated with several interdepartmental graduate programs, including: Biophysics; Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology; Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics; Biomedical Sciences; and Neuroscience.  We also offer many opportunities for undergraduate research.

Weekly Seminars

Department of Evolution, Ecology, & Organismal Biology Colloquium
see schedule at BIOL 252 Seminars 
Thursdays at 4pm, Genomics Auditorium

Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology Graduate Program Seminar            
see schedule at EEOB 265 Lunch Bunch
Fridays at noon, normally in 2200 Spieth Hall

Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics (GGB) Graduate Program Seminar         
see schedule at BIOL/GGB 261
Wednesdays at 12pm

Neuroscience Seminar Series
see schedule at NRSC 287
Tuesdays at 4pm Genomics Auditorium


Researching Students


Graduate Program

The EEOB Graduate Program, part of the Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology, offers graduate study leading to both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.  As a member of the program, you will have a unique and diverse set of educational experiences, including: a broad background in evolution, ecology, and organismal biology; exposure to exciting and modern research; training in pedagogy and the opportunity to teach undergraduate laboratories and discussion sections; and immersion in your specific area of concentration.  These experiences will serve you well while in graduate school and also prepare you for a successful career in biology.


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