BIOL 252 Seminars


BIOL 252 Seminars

Winter 2021

Zoom on Thursdays at 4:00pm unless otherwise noted

Zoom link to be sent with email announcement
For more information please contact host or EMN Administration

January 7th

Speaker: Yuki Moore, University of Michigan

Title: Evolution on the Move: Leveraging Biomechanics to Examine Dynamic Adaptations

Host: Natalie Holt

January 14

Speaker: Breanna Putman; CSU San Bernardino

Title: Predation, Anthropophobia, and Animal Responses to a Changing World

Host: Erin Rankin

January 21

Speaker: Ian Wallace; University of New Mexico

Title: Osteoarthritis as an Evolutionary Mismatch Disease

Host: Ted Garland

January 28

Speaker: Bryan Jennings; Museu Nacional/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro/UCR

Title: Molecular Perspectives on Vertebrate Diversification in California and Gondwana

Host: Helen Regan

February 4

Speaker: Heath Blackmon; Texas A&M University

Title: Realistic Models Reveal the Causes of Chromosome Number Evolution

Host: Alan Brelsford and German Lagunas-Robles

February 11

Speaker: Brian Donovan; BSCS Science Learning

Title: Helping to Dismantle White Supremacy through Genetics Education

Host: Rich Cardullo

February 25

Speaker: Ben Dantzer; University of Michigan

Title: Eco-Evo-Endocrinology: An Integrative Framework for Understanding How Animals Adapt to Changing Environments

Host: Wendy Saltzman

March 4

Speaker: Cathy Marler; University of Wisconsin - Madison

Title: How the Social and Physical Context Alters the Effect of Hormones on Behavior in California Mice

Host: Wendy Saltzman

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