BIOL 252 Seminars


BIOL 252 Seminars

Fall 2021

Zoom on Thursdays at 4:00pm unless otherwise noted

Zoom link to be sent with email announcement
For more information please contact host or EMN Administration

September 23

No Seminar

September 30

Microaggressions Training with Mariam Lam

October 7

Speaker: Beck Wherle; University of California, Irvine

Title: "Digestion in changing landscapes: ecophysiology of diet shifts"

Host: Natalie Holt

October 14

Speaker: Martha Munoz; Yale University

Title: "Behavior is a motor and brake for evolution"

*Special Seminar Time: 2:00pm*

Host: Natalie Holt

October 21

Speaker: Raul Diaz; Cal State University, Los Angeles

Title: "Chameleons as models for studying the evolution of body plans, arboreality and locomotion"

Host: EEOB Graduate Students (Amanda Herbert)

October 28

Tentative Speaker: Joe Heras; Cal State University, San Bernardino

Title: "Comparative genomic and transcriptomic analyses of three different adaptive radiations of fishes in North America"

Host: Natalie Holt

November 4

Speaker: Daniel Moen; Oklahoma State University

Title: "The evolution of form, function, and ecology in frogs of the world"

Host: Natalie Holt

November 11

No Seminar

November 18

Speaker: Peter Wainwright; University of California, Davis

Title: "Diversification of Cichlid Fishes: How a Key Innovation Facilitates Novel Functional Morphology"

Host: EEOB Graduate Students (Amanda Herbert)

December 2

Speaker: Jasmine Ono; University College London 

Title: "The genetics of speciation in budding yeasts"

Host: Kate Ostevik - Please note special seminar time (9:00AM) for this week. A recording will be made available for anyone who is unable to make the changed time.

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