BIOL 252 Seminars


BIOL 252 Seminars

Spring Quarter 2023

Genomics Auditorium - Thursdays at 4:00pm

April 6

Speaker: Noé de la Sancha, DePaul University  

Title"Mammals, models, and museums: Tools for understanding the anthropocene"

Host: Loralee Larios

April 13

Speaker: Ken A. Thompson, Standford University

Title:  "The Ecology of Hybrid Incompatibilities"

Host: Kate Ostevik

April 20

Speaker:  James Strittholt, Conservation Biology Institute 

Title:  "On the front lines of the extinction crisis: biodiversity conservation in Nevada"

Host: Mitchell Coleman

April 27

Speaker:  Allison Veach, University of Texas, San Antonio

Title:  "Landscape alteration impacts on soil and stream microbiomes: structure-function linkages"

Host: Kurt Anderson

May 4

Speaker:  Rebeca Hernández-Gutiérrez, University of California Riverside 

Title:  "Diving into the Tropics: Diversification patterns in the family of Cotton and Chocolate" 

Host: Kate Ostevik

May 11

Speaker:  Alberto Soto, Harvey Mudd College

Title:  "An interdisciplinary approach to investigating locomotor behaviors"

Host:  Natalie Holt

May 18

Speaker:  Sonal Singhal, Cal State University, Dominguez Hills

Title:  "Why are there more of some types of species than others? An exploration in lizards & snakes" 

Host: Alan Brelsford

May 25

Speaker:  Matt Forister, University of Nevada, Reno

Title:  "Extirpation, persistence and the fate of western butterflies in the Anthropocene" 

Host: EEOB Graduate Students (Amanda Herbert GSA President)

June 1

Speaker:  Nathan Kraft, University of California, Los Angeles

Title:  "Functional trait-based approaches to understanding plant community dynamics: from tropical forests to annual grasslands"

Host: EEOB Graduate Students (Amanda Herbert GSA President)

June 8

Speaker:  William Ludt, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Title:  "Missing in the Middle: Understanding anti-tropical distributions in fishes"

Host: EEOB Graduate Students (Amanda Herbert GSA President)

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