BIOL 252 Seminars


BIOL 252 Seminars

Spring Quarter 2024

Genomics Auditorium - Thursdays at 4:00pm

April 4

Speaker: Anat Belasen, University of Texas at Austin

Title:  "Learning from the past to inform the future: Amphibian disease ecology in a changing world"

Host: Helen Regan

April 11

Speaker: Erin Sauer, University of Arkansas

Title:  "Behavioral and physiological drivers of wildlife disease"

Host: Helen Regan

April 18

Speaker:  Miranda Redmond, University of California, Berkeley

Title:  "Variability in Tree Demographic Responses to Climate and Disturbances Across Environmental Gradients"

Host:  Marko Spasojevic

April 25

Speaker:  Jacob Moutouama, Rice University, Department of Biosciences

Title:  "Ecological drivers of species' range limits under global warning" 

Host: Kurt Anderson

May 2

Speaker:  Ted Stankowich, Cal State University, Long Beach

Title:  "Spines, Shields, Sprays, and Stripes: The Evolution of Antipredator Defenses and Coloration in Mammals" 

Host:  Ted Garland

May 9

Speaker:  Nathan Upham, Arizona State University

Title:  "Querying the mammalverse of genomes, ecologies, and species"

Host:  John Hughes

May 16

Speaker:  Kathryn Turner, Idaho State University

Title:  "Herbarium enabled investigations of evolution in an invasive mustard" 

Host: Kate Ostevik

May 23

Speaker:  Rafael Bovo, University of California, Riverside

Title:  "Physiology in the puzzle of climate-change impacts on amphibians"

Host: Daniel Moen

May 30

Speaker:  Pamela Yeh, University of California, Los Angeles

Title:  "Urban Evolution and the Dark-Eyed Junco"

Host: Sam Louden

June 6

Speaker:  Nyeema C Harris

Title:  "Human-carnivore coexistence on a diverse planet" 

Host: Natalie Holt

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