BIOL 252 Seminars

Fall 2019

Genomics Auditorium 4:00pm
Refreshments served beforehand in the Moore Room (Spieth 3365) unless otherwise noted

For more information please contact EMN Administration

September 26

Speaker: Marilia Gaiarsa, UC Riverside

Title:  Robustness, Structure, and Interaction Flexibility in Mutualisms

Host: Nicole Rafferty

October 3


October 10

Speaker: Joshua Goldberg, UC Riverside (Defense)

Title: Population and Spatial Structure in the Development of a Stream Community

Host: David Reznick

October 17

Speaker: Lorena Torres Martinez, UC Riverside

Title: Plant Adaptive Potential to Extreme Climate Events

Host: Joel Sachs

October 24

Speaker: Tadeu Siqueira, São Paulo State University

Title: Responses of Stream Biodiversity to Natural and Anthorpogenic Processes in Tropical Rainforests

Host: Kurt Anderson

October 31

Speaker: Victoria Sork, UC Los Angeles

Genomic and Epigenomic Studies of Local Adaptation in Valley Oak

Host: Amy Litt

November 7

Speaker: Susan Harrison, UC Davis

Title: How does climate affect diversity in plant communities?

Host: Marko Spasojevic

November 14

Speaker: Carla D’Antonio, UC Santa Barbara

Title: Identifying feedbacks and missing links to promote succession in a novel forest ecosystem

Host: CCB Graduate Students, Darrel Jenerette

For this seminar, refreshments will be served before and after in the Genomics lobby

November 21

Speaker: Lluvia Flores-Renteria, San Diego State University

Title: Three case studies of hybridization in plants, their ecological and evolutionary consequences

Host: Nicole Rafferty, Amy Litt

For this seminar, refreshments served afterwards

December 5

Speaker: Felipe Zapata, UC Los Angeles

Title: Peering into the nature of species: considering genomic and phenotypic evidence on an equal footing

Host: Amy Litt