Graduate Students

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Abbo, Tito
AdvisorAmy Litt

Interests: TBA

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Alam, Zul
AdvisorAlan Brelsford

Interests: TBA

Arquilla, April
AdvisorWendy Saltzman

Interests: Reproductive physiology, behavioral endocrinology, parental care, stress physiology


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Ashby, Mia
Advisor: Kurt Anderson

Interests: Ecology

Erik Axlid
Axlid, Erik
Advisor: Dr. Tim Higham

Interests: Fish biomechanics and functional morphology.


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Base, Juliana
Advisor:  Ted Garland

Interests: Evolutionary physiology and behavior

Berger, Ayala
AdvisorChris Clark

Interests: Ecoacoustics, bioacoustics, animal behavior and animal communication the effects of anthropogenic change on acoustics and animal communication

Miranda R 2021
Buckley, Miranda 
AdvisorPaul Nabity

Interests: The ecological roles and evolution of parasitic plants.


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Burr, Audrey
Advisor:  Joel L Sachs

Interests: TBA

Cabrera, Haley
AdvisorTed Garland 

Interests: Exercise physiology, evolutionary physiology

Cartee, Marissa Profile
Cartee, Marissa 
AdvisorDavid Reznick

Interests: I am interested in the evolution of Alternative Reproductive Tactics (ARTs) in the family of fish, Poeciliidae.

Caudle, Jackson 
AdvisorMark S. Springer

Interests: TBA

Soumyadeep Chatterjee
Chatterjee, Soumyadeep
Advisor: Christopher Clark
Advisor: Alan Brelsford

Interests: Evolution of vision and color in hummingbirds

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Cobos, Anthony
AdvisorNatalie Holt

Interests: TBA

Mitchell Coleman
Coleman, Mitchell
AdvisorLouis Santiago

Interests: plant ecophysiology, comparative stress tolerance, halophytic shrubs, land management

Mitchell's Research Website

Conway, Ryan
AdvisorKurt Anderson

Interests: Freshwater ecology, invasive species, and invertebrates

Cosma, Christopher Profile
Cosma, Christopher 
AdvisorNicole Rafferty

Interests: Plant-pollinator interactions, climate change, community ecology, conservation

Research Website: The Butterfly Net: Lepidoptera Conservation Tool (R Shiny App)

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Firebaugh Ornelas, Ariana
AdvisorMarko Spasojevic
AdvisorLoralee Larios

Interests: TBA

Gangothri, Sivaraj
Advisor: Kate Ostevik

Interests: Hybridization and speciation, plant-pollinator interactions, Floral traits, Plant ecology

Sarah Gardner
Gardner, Sarah 
AdvisorPolly Campbell

Interests: Behavioral ecology, parental care, microbiome, reproductive physiology 

Ria Ghosh
Ghosh, Ria
Advisor: Kurt Anderson

Interests: Impacts of the anthropogenic activities in the Santa Ana River Ecosystem

Nicolas Graver
Graver, Nicolas
AdvisorHelen Regan

Interests: Plant community ecology, aridlands fire ecology/management, climate impacts to desert trees, population modeling


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Guenther, Joseph
AdvisorWendy Saltzman

Interests: TBA

Hall, Elijah
AdvisorNicole Rafferty

Interests: Community ecology, plant and pollinator ecology, plant phenology

Amanda Herbert
Herbert, Amanda 
AdvisorDavid Reznick

Interests: Functional morphology and biomechanics of fish feeding and locomotion

Tao Hernandez Arellano
Hernandez Arellano, Tao
AdvisorDavid Reznick

Interests: Taxonomy, Biogeography, Evolution and ecology of fishes.


C Jiang EEOB
Jiang, Chenkun
AdvisorTed Garland

Interests: Evolutionary physiology and behavior

Elena Kaminskaia
Kaminskaia, Elena
Advisor: Nicole Rafferty

Interests: Pollination ecology, climate change, conservation.

Kashyap, Mayank
AdvisorDavid Reznick

Interests: TBA

Rahim Khan Profile
Khan, Rahim
AdvisorTed Garland

Interests: Evolutionary physiology and animal behavior 

Su Yeon Kim
Kim, Su Yeon 
AdvisorHelen Regan

Interests: TBA


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Knoles, Emma

AdvisorPolly Campbell

Interests: TBA

Kubica, Sam 
AdvisorMark Springer

Interests: Evolution of the mammalian vertebral column.

German LR 2021
Lagunas-Robles, German
Advisor: Alan Brelsford

Interests: Supergene evolution, population genomics, underlying genetics of split sex ratio and social structure in Formica ants.

William Lampman
Lampman, William-Cael
Advisor: Theodore Garland Jr.
Interests: I am interested in the evolution of behavior and personality in social mammalian species! Currently, I study the behavioral profile of High Runner mice selectively bred for voluntary wheel running.

Lay Conner Profile
Lay, Conner 
AdvisorPaul Nabity

Interests: I am interested in how plants interact with their abiotic and biotic environments. Specifically hoping to better understand how environmental changes such as habitat fragmentation and climate variation contribute to genetic diversity‚Äč and adaptation.

Lin, Harrison
AdvisorPolly Campbell

Interests: TBA

S Louden EEOB
Louden, Sam
Advisor: Loralee Larios

Interests: Community ecology, restoration ecology, plant community assembly, seed predators, synzoochory

Gina Lucas
Lucas, Gina
Advisor: Kieran Samuk

Interests: Evolution of recombination rate and chromosomal inversions.

Tesa Profile
Madsen-McQueen, Tesa
Advisor: Marko Spasojevic

Interests: plant community ecology, biogeography, global change biology

Major, Matthew 
AdvisorJanet Franklin

Interests: TBA

Erin McCann
McCann, Erin 
AdvisorMarko Spasojevic

Interests: TBA

Rajesh Neupane
Neupane, Rajesh
Advisor: Kate Ostevik

Interests: Reproductive barrier's affect on species emergence and extinction

Allyn N
Nguyen, Allyn
AdvisorNatalie Holt

Interests: TBA


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Nguyen, Brittney
Advisor: Lucy Delaney

Interests: TBA

Nguyen, Catherine
AdvisorWendy Saltzman

Interests: Animal behavior, parental care and parental characteristics, animal communication, anthropogenic effects

Ota Profile
Ota, William 
AdvisorKurt Anderson

Interests: William studies how urbanization and wastewater are impacting freshwater ecosystems, communities, and trophic structure. He uses the Santa Ana River as a model in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Marie P
Palanchon, Marie
AdvisorJessica Purcell

Interests: TBA

Peterman Profile
Peterman, Spencer
AdvisorJoel L Sachs

Interests: Evolutionary ecology, symbiosis, plant-microbe interactions

Pierce, Daniel
AdvisorAlan Brelsford

Interests: TBA


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Plaza, Mikhail

AdvisorKieran Samuk

Interests: TBA

Dirk Plunkett
Plunkett, Dirk
AdvisorLoralee Larios

Interests: Restoration ecology, community ecology, mycorrhizal fungi, soil legacies, plant fungi mutualisms

Gary Qin
Qin, Gary
AdvisorHelen Regan

Interests: Freshwater ecology, anthropogenic effects, ecosystem services, environmental flow

Gary's Research Website

Randall, Jason 
AdvisorMark Springer

Interests:  Molecular evolution and systematics in determining phylogenetic relationships

Annika Rose Person
Rose-Person, Annika
AdvisorNicole Rafferty

Interests: TBA


Seth Profile
Shirazi, Seth
AdvisorTim Higham

Interests: Evolutionary biomechanics, form & function, and genetics.

Seth's Research Website

Brennan Silva
Silva, Brennan
Advisor: Kate Ostevik

Interests: Homology, Chromosome Duplications, Speciation, the Development of Reproductive Barriers

Phillip Sternes

Sternes, Phillip
AdvisorTim Higham

Interests: TBA

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Sumarli, Alexandra
Advisor: Kieran Samuk

Interests: TBA

Thai Profile
Thai, Kevin
AdvisorLeonard Nunney

Interests: Evolution of cancer suppression.

Mary Tucker
Tucker, Mary

AdvisorChristopher Clark

Interests: TBA

Marina Vollin
Vollin, Marina
AdvisorTim Higham

Interests: TBA

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Whitacre, Tyler
Advisor: Natalie Holt

Interests: TBA

Whitehead Image
Whitehead, Natalie
AdvisorTed Garland

Interests: Animal Behavior, Behavioral Evolution, Ecology, Epigenetic Inheritance  

Sierra Winter
Winter, Sierra
Advisor: Christopher Clark

Interests: Hummingbird conservation ecology studying historical versus present ranges.

Jenny Wong
Wong, Jenny
Advisor: Christopher Clark  
Advisor: Alan Brelsford 

Interests: Evolutionary genomics and Phylogenetics of birds.

Jenny's Research Website

Clara Woodie
Woodie, Clara

AdvisorKurt Anderson

Interests: Population dynamics, Food web theory, Spatial ecology, Intraguild predation, Protist microcosms, Mathematical modeling.

Clara's Research Website

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Wu, Joseph

AdvisorTim Higham

Interests: Biomechanics and functional morphology

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