Graduate Students

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Abbo, Tito
AdvisorAmy Litt

Interests: TBA

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Alam, Zul
AdvisorAlan Brelsford

Interests: TBA

Jared A.
Anderson-Huxley, Jared
AdvisorMarko Spasojevic

Interests: Community Ecology, Biogeography, and Global Change Biology

Arquilla, April
AdvisorWendy Saltzman

Interests: Reproductive physiology, behavioral endocrinology, parental care, stress physiology

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Axlid, Erik
Advisor: David Reznick

Interests: TBA

Berger, Ayala
AdvisorChris Clark

Interests: Ecoacoustics, bioacoustics, animal behavior and animal communication the effects of anthropogenic change on acoustics and animal communication

Brady, Peggy
AdvisorMark Springer

Interests: Mammalian evolutionary biology using both biogeographical and phylogenetic approaches

Miranda R 2021
Buckley, Miranda 
AdvisorPaul Nabity

Interests: The ecological roles and evolution of parasitic plants.

Cabrera, Haley
AdvisorTheodore Garland 

Interests: Exercise physiology, evolutionary physiology

Cartee, Marissa Profile
Cartee, Marissa 
AdvisorDavid Reznick

Interests: I am interested in the evolution of Alternative Reproductive Tactics (ARTs) in the family of fish, Poeciliidae.

Caudle, Jackson 
AdvisorMark S. Springer

Interests: TBA

Soumyadeep Chatterjee
Chatterjee, Soumyadeep
Advisor: Christopher Clark
Advisor: Alan Brelsford

Interests: Comparative evolutionary ecology of nectar-feeding birds.

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Cobos, Anthony
AdvisorNatalie Holt

Interests: TBA

Mitchell Coleman
Coleman, Mitchell
AdvisorLouis Santiago

Interests: plant ecophysiology, comparative stress tolerance, halophytic shrubs, land management

Mitchell's Research Website

Conway, Ryan
AdvisorKurt Anderson

Interests: Freshwater ecology, invasive species, and invertebrates

Cosma, Christopher Profile
Cosma, Christopher 
AdvisorNicole Rafferty

Interests: Plant-pollinator interactions, climate change, community ecology, conservation

Research Website: The Butterfly Net: Lepidoptera Conservation Tool (R Shiny App)

Yuwei Cui
Cui, Yuwei
AdvisorLen Nunney

Interests: Conservation genetics, population genetics, evolution

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Firebaugh Ornelas, Ariana
AdvisorMarko Spasojevic
AdvisorLoralee Larios

Interests: TBA

Sarah Gardner
Gardner, Sarah 
AdvisorPolly Campbell

Interests: Behavioral ecology, parental care, microbiome, reproductive physiology 

Ria Ghosh
Ghosh, Ria
Advisor: Kurt Anderson

Interests: Freshwater Ecology.

Hall, Elijah
AdvisorNicole Rafferty

Interests: Community ecology, plant and pollinator ecology, plant phenology

Amanda Herbert
Herbert, Amanda 
AdvisorDavid Reznick

Interests: Functional morphology and biomechanics of fish feeding and locomotion

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Hernandez Arellano, Tao
AdvisorDavid Reznick

Interests: TBA

Elena Kaminskaia
Kaminskaia, Elena
Advisor: Nicole Rafferty

Interests: Pollination ecology, climate change, conservation.

Kashyap, Mayank
AdvisorDavid Reznick

Interests: TBA

Rahim Khan Profile
Khan, Rahim
AdvisorTed Garland

Interests: Evolutionary physiology and animal behavior 

Su Yeon Kim
Kim, Su Yeon 
AdvisorHelen Regan

Interests: TBA

Kubica, Sam 
AdvisorMark Springer

Interests: Evolution of the mammalian vertebral column.

German LR 2021
Lagunas-Robles, German
Advisor: Alan Brelsford

Interests: Supergene evolution, population genomics, underlying genetics of split sex ratio and social structure in Formica ants.

William Lampman
Lampman, William-Cael
Advisor: Theodore Garland

Interests: The evolution of behavior and personality in social mammalian species.

Lay Conner Profile
Lay, Conner 
AdvisorPaul Nabity

Interests: I am interested in how plants interact with their abiotic and biotic environments. Specifically hoping to better understand how environmental changes such as habitat fragmentation and climate variation contribute to genetic diversity​ and adaptation.

Lin, Harrison
AdvisorPolly Campbell

Interests: TBA

AJ Lodger 2021
Lodge, AJ Krieger

AdvisorMarko Spasojevic

Interests: Alpine ecology, community ecology, biogeography, and global change biology.

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Louden, Sam
Advisor: Loralee Larios

Interests: TBA

Gina Lucas
Lucas, Gina
Advisor: Kieran Samuk

Interests: Evolution of recombination rate and chromosomal inversions.

Tesa Profile
Madsen-McQueen, Tesa
Advisor: Marko Spasojevic

Interests: plant community ecology, biogeography, global change biology

Major, Matthew 
AdvisorJanet Franklin

Interests: TBA

Erin McCann
McCann, Erin 
AdvisorMarko Spasojevic

Interests: TBA

Rajesh Neupane
Neupane, Rajesh
Advisor: Kate Ostevik

Interests: Reproductive barrier's affect on species emergence and extinction

Allyn N
Nguyen, Allyn
AdvisorNatalie Holt

Interests: TBA

Nguyen, Catherine
AdvisorWendy Saltzman

Interests: Animal behavior, parental care and parental characteristics, animal communication, anthropogenic effects

Ota Profile
Ota, William 
AdvisorKurt Anderson

Interests: William studies how urbanization and wastewater are impacting freshwater ecosystems, communities, and trophic structure. He uses the Santa Ana River as a model in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Marie P
Palanchon, Marie
AdvisorJessica Purcell

Interests: TBA

Peterman Profile
Peterman, Spencer
AdvisorJoel L Sachs

Interests: Evolutionary ecology, symbiosis, plant-microbe interactions

Pierce, Daniel
AdvisorAlan Brelsford

Interests: TBA

Gary Qin
Qin, Gary
AdvisorHelen Regan

Interests: Freshwater ecology, anthropogenic effects, ecosystem services, environmental flow

Gary's Research Website

Randall, Jason 
AdvisorMark Springer

Interests:  Molecular evolution and systematics in determining phylogenetic relationships

Annika Rose Person
Rose-Person, Annika
AdvisorNicole Rafferty

Interests: TBA


Nicole Schwartz
Schwartz, Nicole
AdvisorTheodore Garland 

Interests:  Evolutionary physiology of exercise behavior; early-life effects on adult behavior

Seth Profile
Shirazi, Seth
AdvisorTim E Higham

Interests: Evolutionary biomechanics, form & function, and genetics.

Seth's Research Website

Brennan Silva
Silva, Brennan
Advisor: Kate Ostevik

Interests: Homology, Chromosome Duplications, Speciation, the Development of Reproductive Barriers

Phillip Sternes

Sternes, Phillip
AdvisorTim Higham

Interests: TBA

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Sumarli, Alexandra
Advisor: Kieran Samuk

Interests: TBA

Thai Profile
Thai, Kevin
AdvisorLeonard Nunney

Interests: Evolution of cancer suppression.

Marina Vollin
Vollin, Marina
AdvisorTim Higham

Interests: TBA

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Whitacre, Tyler
Advisor: Natalie Holt

Interests: TBA

Whitehead Image
Whitehead, Natalie
AdvisorTed Garland

Interests: Animal Behavior, Behavioral Evolution, Ecology, Epigenetic Inheritance  

Sierra Winter
Winter, Sierra
Advisor: Christopher Clark

Interests: Hummingbird conservation ecology studying historical versus present ranges.

Jenny Wong
Wong, Jenny
Advisor: Christopher Clark  
Advisor: Alan Brelsford 

Interests: Evolutionary genomics and Phylogenetics of birds.

Jenny's Research Website

Clara Woodie
Woodie, Clara

AdvisorKurt Anderson

Interests: Population dynamics, Food web theory, Spatial ecology, Intraguild predation, Protist microcosms, Mathematical modeling.

Clara's Research Website

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