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Undergraduate Research Opportunities


Our department is seeking to fill a number of volunteer research positions with undergraduate students possessing a strong interest in biological research. You will be working under the supervision of a graduate student, postdoc, or faculty member while assisting in laboratory and/or field research. Please read the descriptions below detailing the research area and the responsibilities of each position. To apply, click the link below and complete the form to submit your application. We encourage that only those students willing to make a serious commitment apply. 

Undergraduate Researcher in Avian Behavior: Hummingbird Auditory Perception

Interested in understanding how animals perceive their environment and communicate with
one-another? I am researching auditory communication in hummingbird species from two
sides. I am characterizing the sounds hummingbirds produce as well as what they hear in the
displays. Undergraduates interested in this position should email me at aberg009@ucr.edu. To
be a good candidate for this position, you should be willing to work 12-15 hours a week, should
be self-motivated, detail-oriented, and enthusiastic about the field. The position will include
both lab and field experience. Bonus traits include engineering experience and hiking