Welcome to the Department of Evolution Ecology & Organismal Biology (EEOB) at the University of California, Riverside!

The EEOB department is responsible for instruction of the Biology major -- consistently among the largest majors on campus. We teach classes ranging from molecular and cellular biology, to ecology, evolution, and physiology of living organisms.

EEOB faculty conduct fundamental research on the diversification of living organisms, their biomechanical and physiological features, how organisms respond and adapt to changing habitats, and the dynamics of interacting populations, species, and communities. Our researchers seek to build an integrative understanding of how organisms function under a diversity of challenging conditions. We work in the field and in the lab and conduct research in a variety of habitats across the globe.

Our department’s roots trace back to the beginnings of UCR, when the University opened its doors in 1954. Our department was founded that year as the Division of Life Sciences with ten founding faculty members, including Herman T. Spieth, our first Chair and whom our building is named after.

On this and linked web pages, I welcome you to explore the research programs of our faculty, and the graduate and undergraduate programs that we administer. –

Joel L. Sachs, EEOB Chair

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