Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology

Graduate Students

The University of California, Riverside is recognized as one of the most diverse student bodies among public universities ranked both as a Carnegie "high research activity" and U. S. News & World Report Tier One institution.
The EEOB graduate program at UCR is committed to an academic culture that reflects the global community around us.

2018-2019 EEOB GSA Officers

President: Lauren Conroy
Vice-President: Krista Le Piane
Treasurer: Monica Louis

Campus GSA Representative: Holly Andrews
Campus GSA Representative: Andrea Keeler
Website/Newsletter: Kristin Edwards
Outreach Coordinator: Emily Naylor

EEOB Current Graduate Students


Jared Anderson-Huxley

Anderson-Huxley, Jared


Email:      jared.anderson(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:    Marko Spasojevic



Holly Andrews

Andrews, Holly

Email:       holly.andrews(at)email.ucr.edu 

Advisor:    Darrel Jenerette

Interests:  Global change, plant invasions, biogeochemical cycling, ecological remote sensing, and ecosystem type conversion

Visit Holly's Research Website

April Arquilla

Arquilla, April


Email:       april.arquilla(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Wendy Saltzman

Interests:  Reproductive physiology, behavioral endocrinology, parental care, stress physiology


Ayala Berger

Berger, Ayala

Email:       ayala.berger(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:   Chris Clark

Interests: Ecoacoustics, bioacoustics, animal behavior and animal communication the effects of anthropogenic change on acoustics and animal communication

Tierney Bougie

Bougie, Tierney

Email:       tierney.bougie(at)email.ucr.edu 
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisors:   (UCR) Alan Brelsford / Marshal Hedin (SDSU)

Interests:  Phylogenetics and evolution of arachnids, systematics and introgressive hybridization of jumping spiders

Peggy Brady

Brady, Peggy


Email:      peggy.brady(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:   Mark Springer

Interests: Mammalian evolutionary biology using both biogeographical and phylogenetic approaches


Erika Bucior

Bucior, Erika


Email:       erika.bucior(at)email.ucr.edu
Lou Santiago 
Comparative plant physiological ecology, plant hydraulics and gas exchange, and functional traits under abiotic stress


Melanie Anne Burlaza

Burlaza, Melanie Anne


Email:       melanie.burlaza(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Loralee Larios

Interests:  Plant community ecology, effects of urbanization and chronic drought on plant communities, restoration and conservation biology


Marcell Cadney

Cadney, Marcell

Email:       marcell.cadney(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:    Ted Garland

Interests:  Mammalian brain evolution, allometry, negative-frequency dependent selection, and entomology


Cassady, Anna

Email:       anna.cassady(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:   Kurt Anderson



 Alberto Castro

Castro, Alberto

Email:       alberto.castro(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:   Ted Garland



Cobos, Anthony

Email:       anthony.cobos(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:   Tim Higham



Lauren Conroy


Conroy, Lauren

Email:        lauren.conroy(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:     Derek Roff

Interests:  Evolution of mating preferences, sexual selection, and behavioral ecology in Gryllus field crickets


Visit Lauren's Research Website



Conway, Ryan

Email:        ryan.conway(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:     Kurt Anderson

Interests:  Freshwater ecology, invasive species, and invertebrates

Chris Cosma

Cosma, Christopher

Email:       christopher.cosma(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:   Nicole Rafferty

Interests:  Community ecology, plant-pollinator interactions, global change

Yuwei Cui

Cui, Yuwei

Email:       yuwei.cui(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:   Len Nunney

Interests: Conservation genetics, population genetics, evolution

Serj Danielian

Danielian, Serj

Email:       serj.danielian(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:   Helen Regan

Interests: Effects of different patterns of dispersal on metapopulation dynamics

jamie dolan

Dolan, Jamie

Email:       jamie.dolan(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Kim Hammond

Interests:  Physiological ecology, physiological trade-offs associated with extremes and/or changing conditions (such as hot/cold temperatures and hypoxic environments)

Kristin Edwards

Edwards, Kristin

Email:       kristin.edwards(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    David Reznick

Interests:  Bony fish evolution and diversification, particularly as seen through the lens of functional ecology and morphology


Firebaugh Ornelas, Ariana

Email:       ariana.firebaughornelas(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Lou Santiago 



Grace Freymiller

Freymiller, Grace

Email:       grace.freymiller(at)email.ucr.edu 
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisors:  Tim Higham (UCR) /  (SDSU)

Interests:  Predator-prey coevolution, prey performance during predatory events, kangaroo rat evasions in response to rattlesnake strikes


Gardner, Sarah

Email:       sarah.gardner(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Polly Campbell



Joshua Goldberg

Goldberg, Joshua

Email:       joshua.goldberg(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    David Reznick


Matthew Green

Green, Matthew

Email:       mgree013(at)ucr.edu
Advisor:   Kurt Anderson

Interests:  Population and community dynamics of aquatic food webs, focusing on dispersal and species interactions with laboratory protist and aquatic communities in Sierra Nevada alpine lake-stream networks


Visit Matthew's Research Website

Elijah Hall

Hall, Elijah

Email:       elijah.hall(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Nicole Rafferty

Interests:  Community ecology, plant and pollinator ecology, plant phenology


Elisa henderson

Henderson, Elisa


Email:       elisa.henderson(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:    Alan Brelsford

Interests:  population genomics, evolutionary genetics, speciation genomics, hummingbird hybridization


Katie Johnson

Johnson, Katie

Email:        katherine.johnson(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:     Chris Clark

Interests:  Animal behavior, song learning in Costa's Hummingbird, and female choice

Andrea Keeler

Keeler, Andrea


Email:        andrea.keeler(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:     Nicole Rafferty

Interests:  Community ecology, global change, plant biology, biogeochemistry, plant-soil microbe interactions


Sam Kubica

Kubica, Sam

Email:       sam.kubica(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Ted Garland

Interests:  Functional morphology of cursorial spines and evolutionary history of cursorial locomotion



Ralph Albuquerque

Lacerda De Albuquerque, Ralph

Email:       ralph.albuquerque(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:    Ted Garland

Interests:  Lizard ecomorphology and adaptations to environmental conditions

German Lagunas-Robles

Lagunas-Robles, German

Email:       german.lagunasrobles(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Alan Brelsford

Interests:  Supergene evolution, sex chromosomes, non-model organism genetics


Agnese Lanzetti

Lanzetti, Agnese

Email:       agnese.lanzetti(at)email.ucr.edu 
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisors:  John Gatesy (UCR) / Annalisa Berta (SDSU)

Interests:  Whale anatomy, evolution and systematics


LePiane, Krista

Email:       krista.lepiane(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Chris Clark

Interests: Ecology, evolution, and biomechanics of silent flight in owls 

Samantha Levell

Levell, Samantha

Email:       samantha.levell(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:   David Reznick

Interests: Life history evolution of reproductive methods, specifically matrotrophy (placental) and lecitrophy (yolk)


Visit Samantha's Research Website



Madsen-McQueen, Tesa


Email:       tesa.madsenmcqueen(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Marko Spasojevic




McCann, Erin


Email:       erin.mccann(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Marko Spasojevic


Samantha Levell

McNamara, Monica

Email:       monica.mcnamara(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:   Ted Garland

Interests: Exercise, gut microbiome, early life effects

Brian Myers

Myers, Brian

Email:          brian.myers(at)email.ucr.edu 
Track:          Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisors:    Chris Clark (UCR) / Kevin Burns (SDSU)

Interests:  Behavior, evolution, genetics

Bobby Nakamoto

Nakamoto, Bobby


Email:       bobby.nakamoto(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Marilyn Fogel



Emily Naylor

Naylor, Emily

Email:       emily.naylor(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Tim Higham

Interests:  Functional morphology, ecomorphology, biomechanics, and locomotion

Catherine Nguyen

Nguyen, Catherine


Email:       thien.nguyen006(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Wendy Saltzman

Interests:   Animal behavior, parental care and parental characteristics, animal communication, anthropogenic effects


Derek O'Meara

O'Meara, Derek

Email:       derek.omeara(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Leonard Nunney

Interests:  Genomic defense

William Ota

Ota, William


Email:       william.ota(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Kurt Anderson

Interests:  Urban Ecology, Climate Change, Animal Behavior, Science Advocacy, and Community Ecology


brooke pickett

Pickett, Brooke

Email:       brooke.pickett(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Emma Aronson

Remediation of soil microbial conditions for improved restoration success of native shrubs in post-invasive grass soils

Daniel Pierce

Pierce, Daniel


Email:       daniel.pierce(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Alan Brelsford



Robert Prather

Prather, Robert

Email:        robert.prather(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    David Reznick

Interests: Behavioral, aquatic, and evolutionary ecology, mating system evolution, life history evolution, conservation, sexual selection, dispersal, and frequency-dependent selection

kenji quides

Quides, Kenjiro

Email:       kenjiro.quides(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Joel Sachs 

Interests:  Maintenance and mechanisms of microbial symbioses


Juan Ramirez

Ramirez, Juan

Email:        jp.ramirez10@uniandes.edu.co
Track:        Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology  (UCR/SDSU)
Advisors:   Marko Spasojevic (UCR) / Tod Reeder (SDSU)



Jason Randall

Randall, Jason

Email:       jason.randall(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:   Mark Springer

Interests:  Molecular evolution and systematics in determining phylogenetic relationships

Casey Richart

Richart, Casey

Email:        casey.richart(at)email.ucr.edu 
Track:        Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology  (UCR/SDSU)
Advisors:   Cheryl Hayashi (UCR) / Marshal Hedin (SDSU)

Interests:  Molecular phylogenetics, morphometrics, systematics, species delimitation, alpha taxonomy, cybertaxonomy, biodiversity assessment, conservation, Opiliones, Diplopoda, terrestrial Gastropoda

nathan robinett

Robinett, Nathanael

Email:       nathanael.robinett(at)email.ucr.edu 
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisors:  Richard Cardullo (UCR) / Forest Rowher (SDSU)

Interests:  Genes, behavior, and evolution


Rose-Person, Annika


Email:       annika.roseperson(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Nicole Rafferty



parsa saffarinia

Saffarinia, Parsa

Email:       parsa.saffarinia(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:    Kurt Anderson

Interests:  Influences of flow on food web structure in streams, aquatic community ecology

Stuart Schwab

Schwab, Stuart


Email:       stuart.schwab(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:    Darrel Jenerette and Loralee Larios

Interests:  Plant-soil feedbacks


Nicolas Schwartz

Schwartz, Nicolas


Email:       nicolas.schwartz(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:    Ted Garland and Tim Higham


Jennifer Singleton

Singleton, Jennifer

Email:        jennifer.singleton(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:   Ted Garland

Interests:  Behavioral ecology of reptiles, social behavior in familial groups, sexual selection and sexual conflict, kin selection

Kevin Thai

Thai, Kevin


Email:      kevin.thai001(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:   Leonard Nunney



Jessica Tingle

Tingle, Jessica

Email:      jessica.tingle(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:   Ted Garland

Interests:  Ecomorphology, biomechanics, herpetology, sidewinding locomotion

Sean Wilcox

Wilcox, Sean

Email:       sean.wilcox(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Chris Clark

Interests:  Behavioral ecology, animal communication, animal performance, courtship and sexual selection

Clara Woodie

Woodie, Clara


Email:       clara.woodie(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Kurt Anderson

Interests: How species interactions change with environmental disturbances and how population dynamics are subsequently affected, ultimately to determine the threat of biodiversity loss due to climate change



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