Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology

Emeritus Faculty

Michael Allen, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor michael.allen@ucr.edu Regulation of community and ecosystem processes by soil organisms with special emphasis on mycorrhizal fungi. Current research concentrates on global change dynamics and structure of undisturbed areas, and how that information can be utilized in the conservation and restoration of native ecosystems.
Daphne Fairbairn, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor daphne.fairbairn@ucr.edu Evolutionary biology, with emphasis on quantitative genetics, migration, natural selection, mating behavior, and sexual selection and sexual dimorphism in size and morphology.
Roger Farley, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor roger.farley@ucr.edu The biology of scorpions, including ecology, population dynamics, behavior, physiology, with recent emphasis on development and morphology, especially comparing organogenesis and viviparity among diverse species
Leah Haimo, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor leah.haimo@ucr.edu Control and organization of intracellular movements, especially the transport of organelles along microtubules.
Bradley Hyman, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor bradley.hyman@ucr.edu The molecular basis of diversity in structure, genetic organization, and replication in animal mitochondrial DNAs. Recent work has focused on mitochondrial DNA recombination, gene amplification and rearrangements in the nematode family Mermithidae, obligate parasites of arthropods. These mitochondrial DNAs appear to undergo "real-time" rearrangement, generating a large array of polymorphic mitochondrial haplotypes.
Edward Platzer, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor  edward.platzer@ucr.edu  Physiological, cellular, and molecular mechanisms in parasite-host interactions involving nematodes. Current research is focused on the nature of surface changes and other factors essential for entrance of the nematode into the host. We also are using morphologic, physiologic, and molecular studies of the genera and species to develop a comprehensive evolutionary history of mermithid nematodes in North America. 
Mary Price, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor  mary.price@ucr.edu  Population, community, and evolutionary ecology of both animals and plants, especially in arid and montane ecosystems. 
John Rotenberry, Ph.D.  Emeritus Professor  john.rotenberry@ucr.edu 

Community ecology and conservation biology, particularly how environmental factors interact to determine community composition. Research has focused on communities in semi-arid shrubsteppe habitat, with emphasis on birds, shrubs, and arthropods; annual plants and their pollinators in old-field ecosystems; and conservation biology of vertebrates from a landscape ecological perspective. 

Clay Sassman, Ph.D.  Emeritus Professor  clay.sassaman@ucr.edu  Population genetics and evolutionary biology, with special reference to branchiopod crustaceans living in temporary aquatic habitats. Current focus is on genetic mechanisms of sex determination and the role of mixed mating systems in influencing population-genetic attributes of locally isolated populations. 
Irwin Sherman, Ph.D.   Emeritus Professor  irwin.sherman@ucr.edu  Membrane structure and function of the erythrocyte infected by malaria parasites. 
Nickolas Waser, Ph.D.  Emeritus Professor  nickolas.waser@ucr.edu  Population biology and ecology, expecially pollination biology, floral evolution, and food webs. 
Marlene Zuk, Ph.D.  Affiliate Professor  marlene.zuk@ucr.edu Behavioral ecology, with emphasis on on sexual selection and the effects of parasites on mate choice and the evolution of secondary sex characters; more generally, the influence of parasites on host ecology and behavior. Current projects include examination of conflicting selection pressures on song structure in a Pacific field cricket subject to an acoustically-orienting parasitoid fly, and the evolution of disease resistance in the context of sexual selection using a variety of cricket species which differ in male mating effort. 

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