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Nicole Rafferty

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Nicole Rafferty, Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2011


Lab Website link: www.raffertylab.ucr.edu

My research spans the fields of community ecology, population biology, and global change. I use experimental manipulations, long-term and historical data, and observations of natural variation to investigate how species interactions are affected by climate change-induced phenological and distributional shifts. These shifts are likely to result in novel communities in the temporal and spatial dimensions, modified interaction strengths, and altered selection on life history events. I am studying these topics in both natural and agricultural plant and pollinator communities.

I participate in the EEOB and Entomology Graduate Programs.


  • Rafferty, N.E. 2017. Effects of global change on insect pollinators: multiple drivers lead to novel communities. Current Opinion in Insect Science 23:22-27.
  • Rafferty, N.E., and P.D. Nabity. 2017. A global test for phylogenetic signal in shifts in flowering time under climate change. Journal of Ecology 105:627-633.
  • de Keyzer, C.W., N.E. Rafferty, D.W. Inouye, and J.D. Thomson. 2017. Confounding effects of spatial variation on shifts in phenology. Global Change Biology 23:1783-1791.
  • Rafferty, N.E., C.D. Bertelsen, and J.L. Bronstein. 2016. Later flowering is associated with a compressed flowering season and reduced reproductive output in an early season floral resource. Oikos 125:821-828.
  • Rafferty, N.E., P.J. CaraDonna, and J.L. Bronstein. 2015. Phenological shifts and the fate of mutualisms. Oikos 124:14-21.
  • Rafferty, N.E., and A.R. Ives. 2013. Phylogenetic trait-based analyses of ecological networks. Ecology 94:2321-2333.
  • Rafferty, N.E., and A.R. Ives. 2012. Pollinator effectiveness varies with experimental shifts in flowering time. Ecology 93:803-814.
  • Gilman, R.T., N.S. Fabina, K.C. Abbott, and N.E. Rafferty. 2012. Evolution of plant-pollinator mutualisms in response to climate change. Evolutionary Applications 5:2-16.
  • Rafferty, N.E., and A.R. Ives. 2011. Effects of experimental shifts in flowering phenology on plant-pollinator interactions. Ecology Letters 14:69-74.

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