Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology

Evolution, Ecology, & Organismal Biology Colloquium

BIOL 252 Seminar Series 2018-2019

Thursdays at 4:10 pm • Genomics Auditorium

Refreshments served beforehand in the Moore Room (Spieth 3365).
Please contact the host to make an appointment with any of the speakers.


Fall 2018 Quarter / Winter 2019 Quarter / Spring 2019 Quarter



Fall Quarter 2018

Date Speaker Title Institution Host
September 27th                  Dr. Alex Kirschel                     "Factors mediating coexistence and reproductive isolation between related species at contact zones"                     University of Cyprus Alan Brelsford

October 4th      

Dr. Joe Parker "Convergent Evolution of a Complex Symbiosis" California Institutue of Technology Alan Brelsford
October 11th Dr. Anne Hilborn "The effect of prey, predators, and sociality on cheetah hunting behavior" University of California Riverside Kurt Anderson
October 18th Dr. David Hembry "Evolutionary and ecological consequences of mutualism and parasitism in leafflower-leafflower moth associations" University of Arizona Joel Sachs
October 25th Dr. Cassie Stoddard "Shape, structure, pattern and color in the avian world: insights from eggs and hummingbirds"  Princeton Univeristy Chris Clark
November 1st Dr. Marek Borowiec "Ant bytes: studying diversity and evolution of ants with the help of modern computing" Arizona State University Alan Brelsford

November 8th

Dr. Sandy Kawano  "Revisiting biomechanical models of the water-to-land transition in vertebrate evolution" California State Univeristy, Long Beach Tim Higham
November 15th Dr. Chris Clark "Animal Aeroacoustics at UCR: past, present, future" Univeristy of California, Riverside Marko Spasojevic

November 22nd

 No Seminar Thanksgiving Holiday                                      
November 29th Dr. Albert Ruhi Vidal "Rivers of the Anthropocene: responses of freshwater communities to novel flow regimes University of California, Berkeley Kurt Anderson
December 6th Dr. Kabir Peay  "Plant feedback with rare microbes can generate alternative ecosystem states" Stanford University Sydney Glassman


 Winter Quarter 2019

Date Speaker Title Institution Host
January 10th                                                                                                                                                  
January 17th Dr. Tanya Cheeke "Harnessing the power of soil microbes for ecological restoration" Washington State University Sydney Glassman

January 24th

Dr. Gil Rosenthal  "Mate choice and its consequences"  Texas A&M University Lauren Conroy
January 31st Systems Physiology Asst. Professor - Faculty Candidate  "TBA"   Ted Garland

February 7th

Systems Physiology Asst. Professor - Faculty Candidate "TBA"   Ted Garland
February 14th Systems Physiology Asst. Professor - Faculty Candidate  "TBA"   Ted Garland
February 21st Systems Physiology Asst. Professor - Faculty Candidate  "TBA"                                                                 Ted Garland
February 28th Dr. Roo Vandegrift  "TBA" University of Oregon Sydney Glassman
March 7th Dr. Allison Shultz "TBA" LA County Natural History Museum Chris Clark
March 14th Dr. Alyse Larkin "TBA" University of California Irvine Sydney Glassman

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 Spring Quarter 2019 

Date Speaker Title Institution  Host
April 4th                                            n/a                          EEOB Graduate Program Meeting                                                                                                                                                
April 11th          
April 18th Dr. Brandon Barton  "TBA" Mississippi State University Nicole Rafferty
April 25th Dr. Sehoya Cotner "TBA" University of Minnesota EEOB Graduate Students
May 2nd Dr. Hagai Shemesh "TBA"   Sydney Glassman
May 9th Dr. Dan Allen "Geographical aquatic ecology: studying process and pattern in aquatic ecosystems across regional and continental scales" University of Oklahoma Kurt Anderson
May 16th        
May 23rd         
May 30th         
June 6th Katie Johnson "Vocal learning in the Costa's hummingbird" University of California Riverside Chris Clark

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