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Graduate Students have minimum requirements to satisfy for the degree and several important deadline dates that they must follow during their studies at UC Riverside, most importantly registration and fee payment dates. Find answers to your questions about deadlines, registration, funding, forms, written and oral qualifying exams, defenses, etc...
Some frequently asked questions include:

EEOB Gradate Student Handbook

TA/GSR Employment Guidelines

Important Dates

Registration Information

Annual Guidance Committee Meeting and Progress Reports

PhD Written Qualifying Exam

PhD Oral Qualifying Exam & Nominating Your Committee

Nominating Your Thesis or Dissertation Committee

Scheduling Your Defense

Funding Opportunities for Current Students (click here or visit http://graduate.ucr.edu/fin_aid.html)

When and how do I submit my thesis/dissertation?

How do I post a website to my student account?


Important Registration Dates

There are a number of deadline dates that current students must adhere to. The campus academic calendar lists all registration periods, exam periods, campus holidays, etc... Fee Payment deadlines are typically the 15th day of the month prior to the start of the term, i.e.:

Term                    Deadline

Fall                     September 13th
Winter                December 13th
Spring                March 15th

There are also specific deadlines for graduation dates, and various other form submission dates to Graduate Division.


Registration Information

All students receiving fellowships, GSRs and/or TAships, must be enrolled as full-time students with  a minimum of 12 graduate units or the equivalent. All registration holds outside of the program (Student Business Services, Housing, Graduate Division, etc.) must be cleared in order to  be eligible to register. Financial Awards will not post to your student account until you have registered for a minimum of 12 graduate units or the equivalent.


Annual Guidance Committee Meeting and Progress Reports

Students are required to meet with their guidance committees at least once a year. For students who have advanced to candidacy, this meeting is held with their dissertation committee. Students should contact their committee members and arrange a meeting time prior to the above stated deadline.

The progress report is comprised of two parts:

1) Electronic report to be completed by the student prior to your committee meeting. A copy of your entries will be emailed to you  and your major professor.


2) Committee meeting comments form- which should be taken to the annual committee meeting and completed by your committee and submitted to the Student Services Advisor by the end of Spring Quarter.

Annual Student Progress Report Comment Form

All evaluations are reviewed by the Graduate Advisor, who is responsible for making specific recommendations to the Graduate Division concerning the student’s progress. The Graduate Advisor may also approve exceptions to the normal time schedule occasioned by unusual circumstances.  

  PhD Written Qualifying Exam

Papers can be submitted no later than the end of week 8 of any academic quarter and no later than the end of the eighth week of the spring quarter of the second year in the Ph.D. program. Instructions for the written exam can be found here.

Resubmissions will be required no later than the beginning of the winter quarter of the third year.


PhD Oral Qualifying Exam and Nominating Your Qualifying Exam Committee

Once all course requirements are complete and the written exam has been passed, students must also pass an oral qualifying exam. The exam is held by a committee of five members (Committee Chair, 3 additional members from within the program and an outside member). The Major Professor does not serve as the Committee Chair and the outside member must be a UC Academic Senate member and may not be a cooperating faculty member in EEOB or have any formal affiliation with EEOB. For more information on committee composition, please contact the Graduate Advisor.

What do I need to do in preparation?

1. Notify the Graduate Student Services Advisor of the date/time of the exam and the names of your committee members by submitting an oral exam nomination form at least 4 weeks prior to the exam. You may choose to bring the Exam Report Form to the defense, but it will be provided to your Committee Chair.

2. Reserve any rooms or media if you opt to make those arrangements yourself.

The Student Services Advisor will prepare the appropriate paperwork for committee approval and the exam itself. Once you pass your oral exam, you will need to nominate your PhD Dissertation Committee within one quarter. Registration holds will be placed upon your account if this is not completed in a timely manner.


Nominating Your Thesis/Dissertation Committee

Ph.D. Dissertation Committee

Ph.D. students must nominate their dissertation committee at the time of advancement to candidacy. Graduate Division will place a registration hold on the next upcoming registration period until the committee nomination has been approved if not done so before your 12th quarter. To nominate your dissertation committee, please complete the online Ph.D. Dissertation Committee Nomination form.

M.S. Thesis Committee

M.S. students must nominate their thesis committees no later than the first day of the quarter in which they wish to defend and graduate. Please complete the Nomination Form and submit to the Student  Services Advisor.

Scheduling Your Defense

Students should typically schedule the defense around the time they will be submitting their thesis/dissertation. Students should coordinate a time with their thesis/dissertation committee and once this is established, notify the Student Services Advisor of the presentation information (title, abstract, day/time, major professor) via e-mail at least three (3) weeks in advance.



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