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EEOB Graduate Student Listing

Acosta, Wendy

Email:        wendy.acosta(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:        Physiology
Advisor:     Ted Garland
Interests:  Exercise physiology, behavior, and dietary choice
                     and metabolism

Jacob Andrew

Andrew, Jacob

Email:       jacob.andrew(at)email.ucr.edu
Website:   http://faculty.ucr.edu/~saltzman/jacobandrew.html
Track:       Physiology
Advisor:    Wendy Saltzman 
Interests:  Behavioral neuroendocrinology; Physiological and behavioral effects fatherhood has on hormones, metabolics, energetics, and immune response in California mice

 Holly Andrews

Andrews, Holly

Email:        holly.andrews(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Darrel Jenerette
Interests:  Global change, plant invasions, biogeochemical cycling, ecological remote sensing,                                      ecosystem type conversion


eleinis avila

Avila, Eleinis

Email:        eleinis.avila(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Louis Santiago

Marcell Cadney

Cadney, Marcell

Email:        mcadney(at)gmail.com
Advisor:    Ted Garland
Interests:  Mammalian brain evolution, allometry, negative-frequency dependent selection, and                                    entomology.

Gerald Claghorn

Claghorn, Gerald

Email:        gerald.claghorn(at)email.ucr.edu
Website:    https://sites.google.com/a/ucr.edu/geraldclaghorn/
Advisor:    Ted Garland
Interests:  Vertebrate exercise physiology and evolution of locomotor performance traits

Clint Collins

Collins, Clint

Email:        clint.collins(at)email.ucr.edu
Website:    http://saxicoly.wix.com/clintecollins
Track:        Physiology
Advisor:    Tim Higham
Interests:  Herpetology, ecomorphology, habitat-biomechanics
                     relationships, and comparative methods

 Lauren Conroy

Conroy, Lauren

Email:         lauren.conroy(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:     Derek Roff
Interests:  Evolution of mating preferences, sexual selection, and behavioral ecology in Gryllus field                            crickets

sandra correa

Correa Arroyave, Sandra

Email:       sandra.correaarroyave(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Evolution
Advisor:    Cheryl Hayashi

steven crum

Crum, Steven

Email:        steven.crum(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Ecology
Advisor:    Darrel Jenerette

Mark DeGuzman

De Guzman, Mark

Email:       mark.deguzman(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Ecology
Advisor:    Louis Santiago
Interests:  Comparative plant physiological ecology, evolution, plant
                     hydraulics, plant functional traits and gradients

shahan derkarabetian

Derkarabetian, Shahan

Email:       shahan.derkarabetian(at)email.ucr.edu 
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisor:    Cheryl Hayashi (UCR) / Marshall Hedin (SDSU)
Interests:  Systematics and evolution of Opiliones, cave adaptation, arachnids

Cynthia Dick

Dick, Cynthia

Email:       cynthia.dick(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Evolution
Advisor:    David Reznick and Cheryl Hayashi
Interests:  Genetics of adaptation


jamie dolan

Dolan, Jamie

Email:       jamie.dolan(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Kim Hammond
Interests:  Physiological ecology, physiological trade-offs associated with extremes and/or                                             changing conditions (such as hot/cold temperatures and hypoxic environments)

Kathleen Foster

Foster, Kathleen

Email:        kathleen.foster(at)email.ucr.edu
Website:    http://www.comparativebiomechanics.com
Track:        Physiology
Advisor:    Tim Higham
Interests:  Comparative muscle physiology and biomechanics, kinematics
                     of locomotion in arboreal and terrestrial lizards

sarah freitas

Freitas, Sara

Email:       sara.freitas(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Helen Regan


Daniel Goldberg

Goldberg, Daniel

Email:       daniel.goldberg(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:    David Reznick
Interests:  Evolution of sexual ornamentation and courtship behavior in poeciliid fishes

Joshua Goldberg

Goldberg, Joshua

Email:       joshua.goldberg(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:    David Reznick


Haisten, David

Email:        david.haisten(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:        Evolution
Advisor:     John Gatesy

sean harrington

Harrington, Sean

Email:        sean.harrington(at)email.ucr.edu 
Track:        Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisor:     Tim Higham and Ted Garland (UCR) /  Tod Reeder (SDSU)
Interests:  Systematics and diversification of snakes, herpetology, and ecomorphology


Sean Hayes

Hayes, Sean

Email:       sean.hayes(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Ecology
Advisor:     Kurt Anderson 
Interests:  Spatial community dynamics, complexity-diversity-stability
                     relationships, and conservation applications

Layla Hiramatsu

Hiramatsu, Layla

Email:        layla.hiramatsu(at)email.ucr.edu
Website:    https://sites.google.com/site/hilayla
Track:        Physiology
Advisor:     Ted Garland
Interests:  Exercise physiology and experimental evolution,
                    genetic modeling of behavior

Kevin Jagnandan

 Jagnandan, Kevin

Email:       kevin.jagnandan(at)email.ucr.edu
Website:   http://kevinjagnandan.elementfx.com
Track:       Physiology
Advisor:    Tim Higham
Interests:  Functional morphology, muscle physiology, and biomechanics
                    of feeding and locomotion in vertebrates

Katie Johnson

Johnson, Katie

Email:        katherine.johnson(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:     Chris Clark
Interests:  Animal behavior, song learning in Costa's Hummingbird, and female choice

Jarren Kay

Kay, Jarren

Email:       jarren.kay(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Physiology
Advisor:    Ted Garland

Ralph Albuquerque

Lacerda De Albuquerque, Ralph

Email:       ralph.albuquerque(at)email.ucr.edu
Website:   https://sites.google.com/site/ralphlalbuquerque/
Advisor:    Ted Garland
Interests:  Lizard ecomorphology and adaptations to environmental conditions

Agnese Lanzetti

Lanzetti, Agnese

Email:       agnese.lanzetti(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisor:    John Gatesy (UCR) / Annalisa Berta (SDSU)
Interests:  Whale anatomy, evolution and systematics

Krista LePiane

LePiane, Krista

Email:       krista.lepiane(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Chris Clark

Paul Maier

Maier, Paul

Email:        maierpa(at)gmail.com
Track:        Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisor:     Leonard Nunney (UCR) / Andrew Bohonak (SDSU)
Interests:  Landscape genetics, evolutionary genomics, herpetology, sex chromosome                                                   evolution, phylogeography and adaptation of Anaxyrus

brandon mcnellis

McNellis, Brandon

Email:       brandon.mcnellis(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Louis Santiago
Interests:  Tropical plant ecological physiology and ecohydrology of water limited ecosystems.

Steve Merkley

Merkley, Steve

Email:       steven.merkley(at)email.ucr.edu
Website:   http://stevemerkley.wordpress.com
Track:       Ecology
Advisor:    Bill Walton
Interests:  Community ecology, food web subsidies, introduced
                    species, freshwater ecology, aquatic insects

Keenan Morrison

Morrison, Keenan

Email:        keenan.morrison(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:        Evolution
Advisor:     David Reznick
Interests:  Speciation, intergenomic conflict, placentation and Poecilliidae

Brian Muir

Muir, Brian 

Email:       brian.muir(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Evolution
Advisor:    Leonard Nunney
Interests:  Population genetics of cancer, tumor suppressor genes, Drosophila melanogaster

Brian Myers

Myers, Brian

Email:          brian.myers(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:          Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisor:      Chris Clark (UCR) / Kevin Burns (SDSU)
Interests:  Behavior, evolution, genetics

Emily Naylor

Naylor, Emily

Email:       emily.naylor(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Tim Higham

Derek O'Meara

O'Meara, Derek

Email:       derek.omeara(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Evolution
Advisor:    Leonard Nunney
Interests:  Genomic defense

Matt O'Neill

O'Neill, Matt

Email:       matthew.oneill002(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Ecology
Advisor:    Michael Allen
Interests:  Evolutionary ecology of invasive species-mutualist interactions, conservation biology and                            biostatistics

aaron olcerst

Olcerst, Aaron

Email:        aaron.olcerst(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:        Ecology
Advisor:     Dan Hare

Ketan Patel

Patel, Ketan

Email:        ketan.patel(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisor:    Bill Walton (UCR) / Andrew Bohonak (SDSU)
Interests:  Population genetics

Juan Pablo Perea

Perea-Rodriguez, Juan Pablo

Email:       juan.perea-rodriguez(at)email.ucr.edu
Website:   https://sites.google.com/site/juanpabloperearodriguez/
Track:       Physiology
Advisor:    Wendy Saltzman 
Interests: Behavioral neuroendocrinology, evolution of social systems,
                   paternal care, placentophagia, olfactory communication,
                   monogamy and Peromyscus californicus

brooke pickett

Pickett, Brooke

Email:       brooke.pickett(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:     Emma Aronson

Alexandra Prokuda

Prokuda, Sasha

Email:        alexandra.prokuda(at)email.ucr.edu
Website:    http://ayp106.wix.com/aprokuda (or https://sites.google.com/a/ucr.edu/alexandra-sasha-prokuda/)
Track:        Evolution
Advisor:     Derek Roff 
Interests:  Evolutionary quantitative genetics, sexual selection, and maintenance of genetic variation. 

kenji quides

Quides, Kenji

Email:       kenjiro.quides(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Joel Sachs 


Stephen Rice

Rice, Stephen

Email:       stephen.rice(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisor:    Kurt Anderson (UCR) / Rulon Clark (SDSU)
Interests:  Landscape Genetics, Herpetology, Mammalogy

Casey Richart

Richart, Casey

Email:        casey.richart(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:        Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology  (UCR/SDSU)
Advisor:     Cheryl Hayashi (UCR) / Marshal Hedin (SDSU)
Interests:  Molecular phylogenetics, morphometrics, systematics, species
                    delimitation, alpha taxonomy, cybertaxonomy, biodiversity
                    assessment, conservation, Opiliones, Diplopoda, terrestrial Gastropoda

nathan robinett

Robinett, Nathanael

Email:       nathanael.robinett(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisor:    Richard Cardullo (UCR) / Forest Rowher (SDSU)
Interests:  Genes, behavior and evolution

parsa saffarinia

Saffarinia, Parsa

Email:       parsa.saffarinia(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Kurt Anderson

Jennifer Singleton

 Singleton, Jennifer

Email:        jennifer.singleton(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Physiology
Advisor:   Ted Garland
Interests:  Behavioral ecology of reptiles, social behavior in familial groups,
                    sexual selection and sexual conflict, kin selection

Stiner, Eric

Email:       eric.stiner(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Evolution
Advisor:    Leonard Nunney

Jessica Tingle

Tingle, Jessica

Email:        jessica.tingle(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:   Tim Higham
Interests:  Ecomorphology, biomechanics, herpetology, sidewinding locomotion

Sean Wilcox

 Wilcox, Sean

Email:       sean.wilcox(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Chris Clark
Interests:  Behavioral ecology, animal communication, animal performance, courtship displays, sexual                       selection

meng zhao

 Zhao, Meng

Email:       meng.zhao(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Wendy Saltzman 

vicky zhuang

 Zhuang, Vicky

Email:       mingna.zhuang(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Physiology
Advisor:   Tim Higham

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