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EEOB Graduate Student Listing

Acosta, Wendy

Email:        wendy.acosta(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:        Physiology
Advisor:    Ted Garland
Interests:  Exercise physiology, behavior, and dietary choice
                  and metabolism

Ahmed, Syed

Email:       syed.ahmed(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Evolution
Advisor:    Leonard Nunney
Interests: Bergmann's clines in ectotherms, temperature-size rule, thermal
                 evolution of body size in ectotherms, Drosophila melanogaster

Jacob Andrew

Andrew, Jacob

Email:       jacob.andrew(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Physiology
Advisor:    Wendy Saltzman 
Interests: Behavioral neuroendocrinology; Physiological and behavioral effects
                 fatherhood has on hormones, metabolics, energetics, and immune
                 response in California mice

eleinis avila

Avila, Eleinis

Email:       eleinis.avila(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Louis Santiago

Gerald Claghorn

Claghorn, Gerald

Email:       gerald.claghorn(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Physiology
Advisor:    Ted Garland
Interests: Vertebrate exercise physiology and evolution of 
                 locomotor performance traits

Clint Collins

Collins, Clint

Email:        clint.collins(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:        Physiology
Advisor:     Tim Higham
Interests: Herpetology, ecomorphology, habitat-biomechanics
                  relationships, and comparative methods

sandra correa

Correa Arroyave, Sandra

Email:       sandra.correaarroyave(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Evolution
Advisor:    Cheryl Hayashi

steven crum

Crum, Steven

Email:      steven.crum(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:      Ecology
Advisor:   Darrel Jenerette

Mark DeGuzman

De Guzman, Mark

Email:       mark.deguzman(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Ecology
Advisor:    Louis Santiago
Interests: Comparative plant physiological ecology, evolution, plant
                 hydraulics, plant funtional traits adn gradient

shahan derkarabetian

Derkarabetian, Shahan

Email:       shahan.derkarabetian(at)email.ucr.edu 
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisor:    Cheryl Hayashi (UCR) / Marshall Hedin (SDSU)
Interests:  Systematics and Evolution of Opiliones, Cave Adaptation, Arachnids

Cynthia Dick

Dick, Cynthia

Email:       cynthia.dick(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Evolution
Advisor:    David Reznick and Cheryl Hayashi
Interests: Genetics of adaptation


jamie dolan

Dolan, Jamie

Email:       jamie.dolan(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Kim Hammond
Interests: Physiological ecology, physiological trade-offs associated with extremes and/or changing
                  conditions (such as hot/cold temperatures and hypoxic environments)


Fahimipour, Ashkaan

Email:       ashkaan.fahimpour(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Ecology
Advisor:    Kurt Anderson
Interests: Community assembly, omnivory, dispersal, pattern formation in ecological networks

Kathleen Foster

Foster, Kathleen

Email:       kathleen.foster(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Physiology
Advisor:    Tim Higham
Interests:  Comparative muscle physiology and biomechanics, kinematics
                  of locomotion in arboreal and terrestrial lizards

sarah freitas

Freitas, Sara

Email:       sara.freitas(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Helen Regan


Daniel Goldberg

Goldberg, Daniel

Email:        daniel.goldberg(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:     David Reznick
Interests: Evolution of sexual ornamentation and courtship behavior in poeciliid fishes


Goldberg, Joshua

Email:        joshua.goldberg(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:     David Reznick


Haisten, David

Email:        david.haisten(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:        Evolution
Advisor:     John Gatesy

sean harrington

Harrington, Sean

Email:       sean.harrington(at)email.ucr.edu 
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisor:    Tim Higham and Ted Garland (UCR) /  Tod Reeder (SDSU)
Interests: Systematics and diversification of snakes, herpetology, and ecomorphology


Sean Hayes

Hayes, Sean

Email:       sean.hayes(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Ecology
Advisor:    Kurt Anderson 
Interests:  Spatial community dynamics, complexity-diversity-stability
                  relationships, and conservation applications

Layla Hiramatsu

Hiramatsu, Layla

Email:        layla.hiramatsu(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:        Physiology
Advisor:     Ted Garland
Interests:  Exercise physiology and experimental evolution,
                   genetic modeling of behavior

Kevin Jagnandan

 Jagnandan, Kevin

Email:       kevin.jagnandan(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Physiology
Advisor:   Tim Higham
Interests: Functional morphology, muscle physiology, and biomechanics
                 of feeding and locomotion in vertebrates

Katie Johnson

Johnson, Katie

Email:        katherine.johnson(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:     Chris Clark
Interests:  Animal Behavior, song learning in Costa's Hummingbird, and female choice.

Jarren Kay

Kay, Jarren

Email:       jarren.kay(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Physiology
Advisor:    Ted Garland

Ralph Albuquerque

Lacerda De Albuquerque, Ralph

Email:        ralph.albuquerque(at)email.ucr.edu
Advisor:     Ted Garland
Interests:  Lizard ecomorphology and adaptations to environmental conditions


Lanzetti, Agnese

Email:        agnese.lanzetti(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)

Paul Maier

Maier, Paul

Email:       maierpa(at)gmail.com
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisor:    Leonard Nunney (UCR) / Andrew Bohonak (SDSU)
Interests: Landscape genetics, evolutionary genomics, herpetology, sex chromosome evolution,
                 phylogeography and adaptation of Anaxyrus

brandon mcnellis

McNellis, Brandon

Email:       brandon.mcnellis(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Louis Santiago
Interests:  Tropical plant ecological physiology and ecohydrology of water limited ecosystems.

Steve Merkley

Merkley, Steve

Email:       steven.merkley(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Ecology
Advisor:    Bill Walton
Interests: Community ecology, food web subsidies, introduced
                 species, freshwater ecology, aquatic insects

Keenan Morrison

Morrison, Keenan

Email:        keenan.morrison(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:        Evolution
Advisor:    David Reznick
Interests:  Speciation, intergenomic conflict, placentation and poecilliidae

Brian Muir

Muir, Brian 

Email:       brian.muir(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Evolution
Advisor:    Leonard Nunney
Interests: Population genetics of cancer, tumor suppressor genes, Drosophila melanogaster


Myers, Brian

Email:        brian.myers(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)

Derek O'Meara

O'Meara, Derek

Email:       derek.omeara(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Evolution
Advisor:    Leonard Nunney
Interests: Genomic defense

Matt O'Neill

O'Neill, Matt

Email:        matthew.oneill002(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:        Ecology
Advisor:    Michael Allen
Interests:  Evolutionary ecology of invasive species-mutualist interactions, conservation biology and                            biostatistics

aaron olcerst

Olcerst, Aaron

Email:        aaron.olcerst(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:        Ecology
Advisor:     Dan Hare


Patel, Ketan

Email:        ketan.patel(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)

Juan Pablo Perea

Perea-Rodriguez, Juan Pablo

Email:       juan.perea-rodriguez(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Physiology
Advisor:    Wendy Saltzman 
Interests: Behavioral neuroendocrinology, evolution of social systems,
                 paternal care, placentophagia, olfactory communication,
                 monogamy and Peromyscus californicus

brooke pickett

Pickett, Brooke

Email:       brooke.pickett(at)email.ucr.edu 

danielle pitt

Pitt, Danielle

Email:       danielle.pitt(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Kurt Anderson
Interests: My research focus is on invasive Gambusia affinis (western mosquitofish) and their food
                    web interactions with intraguild predators and prey. I’m broadly interested in
                    conservation ecology, particularly the ecology of invasive species, insects, and
                    freshwater communities.

Alexandra Prokuda

Prokuda, Sasha

Email:        alexandra.prokuda(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:        Evolution
Advisor:     Derek Roff 
Interests:  Evolutionary quantitative genetics, sexual selection, and maintenance of genetic variation

kenji quides

Quides, Kenji

Email:       kenjiro.quides(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Joel Sachs 


Stephen Rice

Rice, Stephen

Email:         stephen.rice(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:         Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisor:      Kurt Anderson (UCR) / Rulon Clark (SDSU)
Interests:   Landscape Genetics, Herpetology, Mammalogy

Casey Richart

Richart, Casey

Email:       casey.richart(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology  (UCR/SDSU)
Advisor:    Cheryl Hayashi (UCR) / Marshal Hedin (SDSU)
Interests: Molecular phylogenetics, morphometrics, systematics, species
                 delimitation, alpha taxonomy, cybertaxonomy, biodiversity
                 assessment, conservation, Opiliones, Diplopoda, terrestrial Gastropoda

nathan robinett

Robinett, Nathanael

Email:        nathanael.robinett(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:        Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (UCR/SDSU)
Advisor:     Richard Cardullo (UCR) / Forest Rowher (SDSU)
Interests:   Genes, behavior and evolution

Pamela Rueda Cediel

Rueda Cediel, Pamela

Email:       pamela.ruedacediel(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Ecology
Advisor:    Helen Regan
Interests: Conservation biology, population dynamics, and climate change

parsa saffarinia

Saffarinia, Parsa

Email:      parsa.saffarinia(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Kurt Anderson

Jennifer Singleton

 Singleton, Jennifer

Email:          jennifer.singleton(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:          Physiology
Advisor:      Ted Garland
Interests:   Behavioral ecology of reptiles, social behavior in familial groups,
                    sexual selection and sexual conflict, kin selection

Stiner, Eric

Email:       eric.stiner(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Evolution
Advisor:    Leonard Nunney

jacob vogenberg

 Vogenberg, Jacob

Email:   jacob.vogenberg(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:   Ecology
Advisor: Louis Santiago

sean wilcox

 Wilcox, Sean

Email:       sean.wilcox(at)email.ucr.edu 
Track:       Ecology
Advisor:    Chris Clark

meng zhao

 Zhao, Meng

Email:       meng.zhao(at)email.ucr.edu 
Advisor:    Wendy Saltzman 

vicky zhuang

 Zhuang, Vicky

Email:       mingna.zhuang(at)email.ucr.edu
Track:       Physiology
Advisor:    Tim Higham

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