Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology

Evolution, Ecology, & Organismal Biology Colloquium

BIOL 252 Seminar Series 2017-2018

Thursdays at 4:10 pm • Genomics Auditorium

Refreshments served beforehand in the Moore Room (Spieth 3365).
Please contact the host to make an appointment with any of the speakers.

Current Schedule:

Fall 2017 Quarter / Winter 2018 Quarter / Spring 2018 Quarter 

In Progress 2018-2019 Schedule: 

Fall 2018 Quarter / Winter 2019 Quarter / Spring 2019 Quarter

Fall Quarter 2017

Date Speaker Title Institution Host
October 5th                     Dr. Holly V. Moeller                            "Trade, Borrow, or Steal: Acquired Metabolism and Evolutionary Innovation" Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara Kurt Anderson

October 12th

(will be held in Bourns Hall A171)        

Dr. Kevin Lafferty "Parasites and Food Webs"
USGS, University of California, Santa Barbara David Reznick
October 19th Dr. Felipe Barreto "Speciation and adaptation in the marine realm: lessons from functional genomics of an intertidal copepod"
Oregon State University Marko Spasojevic
October 26th Dr. Jeremy Yoder "When should mutualists multiply?"
Cal State Northridge Joel Sachs
November 2nd Dr. Martin Turcotte "The impact of plant rapid evolution on species interactions" University of Pittsburg  David Reznick
November 9th Dr. Misty Paig-Tran "Biomechanics to Biomimetics. Marine animals as models for bioinspired design" Cal State Fullerton Marko Spasojevic

November 16th

(will be held in MSE 003)

Dr. Matt Walsh "Why are organisms (and their offspring) phenotypically plastic in response to environmental change?" University of Texas at Arlington  David Reznick 
November 23rd No Seminar   Thanksgiving Holiday  

November 30th

(will be held at UCR Alumni & Visitors Center, 3:30-5pm)

  Wilbur W. Mayhew Endowed Chair Naming Ceremony    
December 7th Dr. Michael T. Bogan "Drought, dispersal, and community dynamics in arid-land streams" SNRE, University of Arizona Kurt Anderson 


Winter Quarter 2018

Date Speaker Title Institution Host
January 11th    No seminar    
January 18th   Evolutionary Biology job candidate   Derek Roff

January 22nd (Monday; please note special time 10:10am)

  Evolutionary Biology job candidate   Derek Roff
January 25th   Evolutionary Biology job candidate
  Derek Roff

January 29th (Monday; please note special time 2:10pm)

  Evolutionary Biology job candidate   Derek Roff
February 1st Dr. Julian Kapoor "Leks, lies, and audiotape: the adaptive significance of vocal dialects in a lekking hummingbird" Cornell University Chris Clark 
February 8th Drs. Kurt Anderson & Helen Regan          EEOB Graduate Program meeting                                                                        
February 15th Dr. Jennifer Funk  "Trait-based approaches to ecological restoration in invaded plant communities"  Chapman University Marko Spasojevic 
February 22nd Dr. Elizabeth Scordato "Contributions of natural and sexual selection to reproductive barriers: insights from avian hybrid zones" Cal Poly Pomona Alan Brelsford
March 1st Dr. Annaliese Beery "The Social Brain: Toward a neurobiology of peer affiliation" Smith College Joel Sachs
March 8th Dr. Cascade Sorte  "Will climate change increase the impacts of invasive species"  University of California, Irvine  Marko Spasojevic 
March 15th Dr. Lauren Hallett  "Diversity and stability in natural systems"  University of Oregon  Marko Spasojevic 

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Spring Quarter 2018 

Date Speaker Title Institution  Host
April 5th        
April 12th Dr. Colince Kamdem "Adaptation of Anopheles mosquitoes to human habitats and vector control strategies: the perspective from a multidisciplinary approach." University of California Riverside  Ted Garland
April 19th Dr. Yun Tao  "Conducting outbreak management: an ecological analysis of tempo and movement" University of California Riverside  
April 26th        
May 3rd Dr. Eric Wood "The effects of urbanization on avian communities" California State University Los Angeles Nicole Rafferty
May 10th Dr. David Lee  "Dynamics of bipedal walking in humans, birds, and robots" University of Nevada Las Vegas Ted Garland
May 17th Dr. Christopher Swan  "Plant Metacommunity Structure and Ecosystem Services in an Urban Environment" University of Maryland, Baltimore County Kurt Anderson
May 24th Dr. Gail Patricelli "Courtship negotiations in sage-grouse: Experiments using robotic females" University of California Davis Chris Clark
May 31st Dr. Emilie Snell-Rood "Costs and constraints in the evolution of plasticity: dietary and behavioral flexibility in butterflies" University of Minnesota EEOB Graduate Students
June 7th Dr. Rachael Bay  "Integrating genomic data into predictions of climate change adaptation" University of California Los Angeles Alan Brelsford

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Fall Quarter 2018

Date Speaker Title Institution Host
September 27th                  Dr. Alex Kirschel                     "TBA"                     University of Cyprus Alan Brelsford

October 4th      

Dr. Joe Parker "Convergent Evolution of a Complex Symbiosis" California Institutue of Technology Alan Brelsford
October 11th        
October 18th        
October 25th Dr. Cassie Stoddard  "TBA"  Princeton Univeristy  Chris Clark
November 1st        

November 8th

Dr. Sandy Kawano  "TBA" California State Univeristy, Long Beach Tim Higham
November 15th Dr. Chris Clark "TBA" Univeristy of California, Riverside Marko Spasojevic

November 22nd

 No Seminar Thanksgiving Holiday                                      
November 29th Dr. Albert Ruhi Vidal "TBA"  University of California, Berkeley Kurt Anderson
December 6th        

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 Winter Quarter 2019

Date Speaker Title Institution Host
January 10th                                                                                                                                                  
January 17th        

January 24th

January 31st        

February 7th

February 14th        
February 21st                                                                            
February 28th        
March 7th        
March 14th        

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 Spring Quarter 2019 

Date Speaker Title Institution  Host
April 4th                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
April 11th          
April 18th        
April 25th        
May 2nd        
May 9th        
May 16th        
May 23rd         
May 30th         
June 6th        

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